Unbreak My Heart

I recently had a heart-breaking moment so devastating that I am still raw from it all.

It involves being disrespected, disregarded and ignored. And it hurt like hell. I was bawling my eyes out as big, fat ugly tears streamed down my cheeks.

I tried to numb myself as I proceeded on with crafting and locking myself in my craft room but the feelings kept creeping in as I remember the hurt, the deception, the feeling of being the least of priorities.

I am trying my best to get through this but it is so hard.

How do you erase the bad and live your life, how do you manage to trudge on?





I have just been coming to the realization that I have been so clueless, so selfish in the past that I am in awe as to how the people around me stayed with me. How were they able to withstand my selfish behaviors, my childish whining, my incessant nagging? They must be pretty good friends, good people. And I know that I am lucky.

Come to think of it – I have always wondered how I have lapses in my memory. Some are hazy and blurry and some I don’t remember at all. Could it be my sense of self-preservation? Knowing that I did wrong before, trying not to dwell in the past and just moving forward the best way I can.

They are slowly coming back now – the memories of the past. The wrongdoings, my flaws, my faults. And I have a lot of people I should be apologizing to: my parents, my friends, my siblings, my exes and even innocent bystanders somehow connected to and was in my life.

How do you apologize for something that happened a long time ago? Do they still remember? Had it been one of those “I-am-dying-so-I-have-to-tie-up-loose-ends” scenario, it probably would make more sense. But to come up now and see these people and reconcile, might be difficult, if not impossible.

Maybe if I blog about it and look back when I am ready, then at least I will have a guide to go by. A bucket list.

And so that’s what I decided to do in the coming days – write about past memories that somehow crept back in.

Begin the Begin

When I was younger, I had a diary where I wrote down everything that happened to me on a daily basis – what I did, what I felt, who I was with and how the day ended. Until the day I found out that my Mom read all my diaries.

She didn’t tell me outright that she read them. She made subtle hints, teasing me about some things and “knowing” certain things that I have worked so hard to hide.

I used to write poetry. Random words that, to me, makes sense. I poured my heart and soul in my poetry. Letting the words that I cannot otherwise voice out, be heard on paper. Although didn’t let anyone read it, just the fact that it was there – written in ink and for me to read back to – was comforting.

And one day – I stopped.

Life happened.

New Year’s Resolution

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It’s the start of a new year and a lot of people are making their new year’s resolution: lose weight, stop smoking, work harder, etc. 

I do not make new year’s resolutions. 

Not because I know that it is destined to fail nor is it because I do not want to put undue pressure on myself, I just don’t care. If I want to make a change, I do not have to wait for a new year, maybe a new day. 

However, I do vow to write more now. 

I have been wanting to write for so long now. There are days when I have the words formulated in my head, just wanting to come out. 

And so here I am. With a vow, not a new year’s resolution – to write.